Villa renovation
A New Look at Private Home Renovation
For many, owning a villa or private home in Dubai is a symbol of luxury and status. But even these exquisite spaces sometimes require major renovations or stylish finishes. That's where our specialty lies - we offer not just renovations, but creating a cozy and beautiful space that reflects your personality.

Turnkey Service: From Measurement to Finishing
Our services include everything from detailed measurement and estimation of "renovation of a private house cost of works" to the full realization of your project. The cost of finishing a private house and major repairs of a private house prices are always discussed in advance and fixed in the contract.

Reliable Quality
As in the case of apartments, our team consists of leading specialists from the CIS and Central Asia. We have a strict selection process to ensure that your villa or private home is in safe hands.

Your Guarantees
•Fixed Prices: The cost of the work is known in advance and does not change.
•Three-Year Warranty: Our work will serve you long and reliably.
•Quick Fixes: In the event of any problems, we resolve them promptly.
Why Choose Us
•Flexible Payment Options: From dollars and euros to cryptocurrencies.
•International Experience: We know the local and international market.
•Partnerships: We are easy and pleasant to work with, which is confirmed by many long-term clients.

Action is Better than Words
If you are still in doubt, we suggest meeting to discuss your project in detail. This first step will make the choice in our favor obvious.
A luxurious home requires a luxurious approach. Contact us and your villa or private home will become a true work of art!
from 150 $/m2
Completed projects
About our studio
Dubai Interiors and Renovations is a symbiosis of three cultures: Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. Our history begins with three amazing founders, who went from dreamers to realizers of grandiose projects in the field of repairs and finishing. For more than 10 years in different corners of our big world we studied the subtleties of our business, learned from the best masters and collected invaluable experience. This knowledge and skills, forged through years of hard work, we decided to apply for the benefit of the people of picturesque Dubai, which has become our new home since 2021.
Our office
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Free designer consultation
Leading designer of the studio
Victoria Kuchma
A high-quality repair is the result of the work of the whole team, from the manager to the cleaner
Maxim Kuchma
Financial Director, Co-founder
Stanislav Kolchanov
Director of Construction
Anastasia Maslova
Construction Materials Procurement Manager
Имя Фамилия
Дизайнер интерьера
Nadezhda Bakunovich
Interior Designer
Alyona Shirokova
Interior Designer
There are 25 more finishing masters working in the team, but they don't like to be photographed
We know how important the correct and responsible approach to the renovation of your apartment, home, office or store in Dubai is to you
We do not cooperate with developers who do not comply with the deadlines for the delivery of houses
We hire only the best foremen and craftsmen to join our company
Resale experts will help you make a quick and profitable purchase or sale of secondary housing
We work according to the full estimate, we fix the estimated cost in the contract
Your personal expert is always in touch. Our cooperation ends only when you receive the keys to your apartment
We work with clients remotely, reporting daily through convenient communication methods
We give a guarantee for the work we have done
We select the best apartments for profitable investment and high income
We will make repairs in your apartment together!
Find out if we can arrange additional discounts and favorable payment terms for you. All our services are free for you. We will call you back within 10 minutes.
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